Did you know that Mauritius is the only place in the Indian Ocean region where you can dive in a real submarine?
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Blue Safari submarines are great fun for everyone! The fully secured equipment is perfect to explore the Indian Ocean.
What an experience it is to dive at 35 metres with nothing around you but the deep blue sea!
Discover evanescent anemones and flamboyant coral reefs. Ancient shipwrecks may also reveal age-old secrets.


The subscooters are more private than submarines. Up to two people at a time can use a single machine.
It is perfectly safe and easy to use. You can breathe totally normally as you are not restrained by any heavy equipment, which makes the moment even more enjoyable.
This is the perfect commune-with-nature experience...


You no longer have to swim to get a close look at the fish!
Helmet diving provides a secure way of immersing yourself into water, making it suitable for both adults and children. Feed the fish and take pictures at your convenience!


Imagine having a catamaran just to yourself!
We have what you need in store to suit your special occasion - a romantic cruise with your partner or a private excursion with your close friends.


Get ready for some thrills! Experience the ultimate escorted cruise as you skim the waves at full speed. You can spend a full day or half a day at sea - this is totally up to you. This private cruise is perfect for a couple or a small party. The experienced skipper has laid out the perfect itinerary for you with plenty of time for snorkelling and swimming in Mauritian waters.


Six out of the seven species of marlin in the world can be found in the Indian Ocean region, including the renowned blue marlin. Mauritius hosts the "Blue Marlin World Cup" every year which attracts seasoned anglers from across the globe. To meet the highest standards, most operators are affiliated with the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association).
The Indian Ocean teems with sea life and the experienced skippers know just where to go to give you the best shot at the catch of a lifetime!
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